False Face Music Label
SpeakOf – Immortal

Out March 22 2021


SpeakOf – Enterprise LP


Canadian DJ/producer, SpeakOf, follows up his highly acclaimed debut LP with another incredible journey through electronica and dancefloor moments. Long winters and cold weather might sound undesirable, but for Montreal native SpeakOf, it acts as a giant inspiration. Barely six months after releasing his first long-player, the trail-blazing DJ/producer presents a new collection of dance floor nuggets for 2021.

“During the lockdown, I felt like with the lack of club performance, perhaps listeners had opened their mind more to exploring different music. I wanted this LP to have a nice balance between melodic house and more musical electronica moods. I selected tracks based on mood and the message they conveyed to create a smooth listening experience.” - SpeakOf.

With the same meticulous detail displayed on ‘Enterprise,’ his debut long-player, ‘Immortal’ flexes SpeakOf’s club-focused muscles. Selected from a pool of 50 tracks made over several years, SpeakOf chose his club sound to showcase on this occasion. Opening the LP with the tribal thump of ‘The Healing Tree, the deep and icy grooves soon make way for the joyousness of sunrise captured on ‘Surrender, which leaves the listener hopeful and buoyant.

The title track ‘Immortal’ is resplendent in dubby broken beat. The first of many breaks excursions this album has on offer. ‘Let’s See Your Planet First’ injects a sense of fun through analog synths, while ‘Spirit Canyon’ pounds the senses with huge 808s and solemn piano. Midway, ‘Mountain Men’ picks up the pace with its cinematic sound.

While ‘Silent Squares’ creates a thoughtfulness and melancholy. Passing the point of no return, ‘Awaiting’ is an insistent yet deep vibe that speaks to the barren endlessness of winter and isolation. ‘Disco’ throws a massive curveball in being a stark, acid flecked, bass-heavy electro bruiser. Leaving ‘Variety Pack’ to round off a smart and highly original collection of intelligent, thoughtful club moments for the discerning clubber.

‘Immortal’ will be released on False Face Music on March 22nd and available across all platforms.

01 SpeakOf - The Healing Tree
02 SpeakOf - Surrender
03 SpeakOf - Immortal
04 SpeakOf - Let’s See Your Planet First
05 SpeakOf - Spirit Canyon
06 SpeakOf - Mountain Man
07 SpeakOf - Silent Squares
08 SpeakOf - Awaiting
09 SpeakOf - Disco
10 SpeakOf - Variety Pack

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