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Marc Poppcke

“Both tracks are cool. Thanks for sending! “

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D-Nox (Sprout, Tronic)

“Nagoya sounds interesting, different. “

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Jesse Kuch (Open Records)

“Nagoya actually reminds me of Nagoya … for reals. Nice space age progressive, lush vibes. Support. “

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Karl Friedrich ((Hommage, Komakt, Needwant)

“Nagoya is great! Thx! 🙂 “

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Sanjay Dutta (Lost & Found)

“Seems like it’s ‘love for Japan’ thing. Nice tracks though 🙂 Will play Nagoya.”

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Gabriel Rhome (All Day I Dream)

“Something about Nagoya is doing it for me – mainly the pads and stuttered bassline. The break is pretty nice. “


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False Face Welcomes Brazilian Techno giant Soldera on his debut release along with Poligamyk. Soldera has been a major influence in the electronic music scene in Brazil during the last decade. The man behind the success of the famous Anzuclud and a frequent performer at festivals like Tomorrowland Brasil, XXXPERIENCE, Warung Tour and MOB, has put together an explosive 2 track EP, including “Kyoto” which is produced with his long time studio partner Poligamyk. Poligamyk has also been an active enforcer of the Brazilian Electronic music scene in the past few years and has collaborated with many artists such as Soldera, Hola Vano and Malik Mustache.With the success of their previous releases together with tracks like Atlas, Toy and Amaterasu, the latest from Seldora & Poligamyk has been a much anticipated one. Kyoto showcases the chemistry between the two producers and their strength in delivering a monstrous Techno record together. The intense emotional ride through out the track leads listeners to an atmospheric landscape during the break and builds the track into an unforgettable groove to end with. A very fresh sounding approach by Soldera & Poligamyk!“Nagoya” the second track on the EP is Soldera’s latest single, with a great presense from the start and wonderful synth work and ambience. The combination of hypnotic Arpeggios and masterful percussive work create a timeless piece of Techno music brought to you by Soldera.

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With Soldera having new music out on False Face Music we catch up with him for the latest episode of 12 Questions..

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